10 years ago.

Inspired, as so often, by a post from A Learning A Day.

Ten years go, I’d been married just over six months and my then-wife had suffered a mobility affecting collapse among the vertebrae in her lower spine. My then step-daughter (still very much a dear daughter, in my heart), was suffering from bullying that precipitated a decline into very complex mental health issues. My own depression, then undiagnosed, had been at bay for a couple of years, but was rearing its head again.

Over the ten years since my life has been difficult. Although I didn’t know it then, it is almost exactly ten years ago that (with hindsight) I would start tracing a downward line on a graph of how I felt about life. I wouldn’t say I’m on a sharp up-tick, but I’m pleased to think that the line bottomed out a while back and the next ten years will be markedly better.

Persistently choosing to keep going has become a core strength in my personal life. It’s by no means easy. I must lend this strength now to my professional life, and rebuild. Being grateful for the opportunity to do so and with people who understand and are supportive.

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