Reward and entitlement.

Doing the right thing is often difficult – it can fly in the face of society and even those you care about; it can be a lonely path. I’ve tried to do the right thing as often as I can, although I acknowledge I will have failed more than I know.

There are times, like now, where I find myself wondering where the reward is. Why those who aren’t trying so hard seem to be having an easier ride in life. Fewer financial concerns, more baubles; less stress, more opportunities. It seems unfair.

Well, it is unfair. Life isn’t fundamentally fair and the point of doing the right thing can’t be to earn reward – that can only lead to, more than occasionally, disappointment and undermines the idea that you’re doing the right thing for the right reasons. Are you really doing it for the reward? Isn’t that a round-about sense of entitlement?

Just make the world, if only the one around you, a better place.

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