What have you done today…

…to make you feel proud?

Which really means that since sitting here pondering my lack of motivation, I’ve been on a detour through Spotify and the t’interwebs, taking in a bit of Heather Small. In response to an interview question, she replied:

“I still have my days where I think ‘ooh, is it worth getting out of bed?’ and I think that sometimes you’re always looking down the line and ‘if this happened, I’d be so happy’, but usually it’s the little things, everyday things, that make the day a success, you know. A smile from my son. I wanted to celebrate that really. Just, when you go to bed at night, there should be at least one thing that makes you think ‘yeah, I’m glad I did get out of bed’.”

With that, I felt ready to carry on again – my mind no longer idealising and instead thinking about the next steps I can take today.

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