To the broken.

This might seem self-congratulatory, or self-pitying – I don’t mean for it to be either. Life can seem unfair, but as a secular humanist I’d say that really ‘life’ is quite indifferent. There are choices in the face of life’s, seemingly unfair, difficulties. Especially when the chips are down, the easy choices tend to be selfish or short-term. If one faces a lot of difficulty … Continue reading To the broken.

All for one, one for all?

All for one is an easy enough relationship – everyone is making the same choice of the one they’re for. One for all? Much harder. All means everyone and it’s very hard to be for everyone. Every person has different needs and wants, even though plenty of people will be broadly similar. I firmly reject the polarising breakdown of society that mainstream media presents, but … Continue reading All for one, one for all?