Learning without liking.

Gretchen Rubin’s book ‘Better Than Before’ has given me some good tips in how to approach habit forming. It identifies ‘four tendencies’ that I can broadly appreciate although I don’t think they’re as fixed as the author’s research suggests. The book posits that there are strategies for habit forming (and breaking) and your tendency makes some strategies massively more effective. Although I didn’t like the … Continue reading Learning without liking.

Progress without perfection.

I just watched two short news clips about innovative ways to potentially reduce humanity’s impact on the planet. Both have their merits and, unsurprisingly, some debatable downsides. Each clip ended with a question broadly asking “but is this really the right way to save the planet”? It’s right to consider our priorities carefully and commit resources wisely. Probing, assessing and evaluating are necessary means to … Continue reading Progress without perfection.

Time can give perspective.

The company I’m very proud to work for, as it grows and matures its revenue generation, faces some transitional challenges. As a younger person keen to make my mark on the world, I’d have seen these challenges appearing as a failure of leadership. A sign that not enough forethought had gone into what was being done, or that our reactions weren’t swift enough at a … Continue reading Time can give perspective.

Costa – a chainged experience.

I’ve written about how much I don’t like chain coffeehouses before. Costa, especially, feels unwholesome to me. I found myself in one again today and to my very pleasant surprise I came away happy. The baristas didn’t slop fluids around like they were in a huff at having to work. There was a very brief but cheerful exchange with a convincing smile at the till. … Continue reading Costa – a chainged experience.

Getting noticed. Making a difference.

Perhaps surprisingly, these aren’t always the same thing. Or at least, the difference you make might not be noticed in the way it deserves. Infrastructure makes an enormous difference and while its absence causes a ruckus, its presence is barely commented on. Steady encouragement might be the wind in someone’s sails, but never properly appreciated. Common ground can be hard to find and its contribution … Continue reading Getting noticed. Making a difference.

Pivotal breakdown.

Having a mental breakdown was uncomfortable in so many ways. It happened as I was approaching forty and precipitated lots of change. Life begins at forty, I’ve seen a lot. Well, re-building my life was certainly underway. Now confidently in advanced recovery – mentally, emotionally and financially – I can see the most important change, with the benefit of perspective and hindsight. It’s been pivotal … Continue reading Pivotal breakdown.

Voting without the ballot paper.

In a modern capitalist democracy, I’d argue you vote regularly with your beliefs about money. How you choose to earn and how you choose to consume. The money you create, through work, spending or by giving attention, greases gears unequally. If you choose to work for a multi-national professional services company and overlook its criminal shortcomings, you’ve voted a certain way. Working for tax-evading tech … Continue reading Voting without the ballot paper.