Time can give perspective.

The company I’m very proud to work for, as it grows and matures its revenue generation, faces some transitional challenges. As a younger person keen to make my mark on the world, I’d have seen these challenges appearing as a failure of leadership. A sign that not enough forethought had gone into what was being done, or that our reactions weren’t swift enough at a high-level. Both of these things could be true. They also might not!

No amount of planning foresees all challenges, or at least can prepare us for them all. If everything could be foreseen, then the work wouldn’t involve anything new (which is fine, but not in a start-up). Challenges aren’t always best met with a swift change of plan; some time may be needed for impact to be measured and the validity of a response considered. A visceral reaction, from ourselves or our customers, may just be growing pains and no action is ultimately necessary.

We can’t fall asleep at the wheel and execute plans without course correction. It’s important that if we’re going to adjust the sails though, that we’ve worked to truly understand the winds around us. And if the wind changes, whether that changes where we want to go.

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