That’s nice. But instead…

…what about this? This is what I’m thinking as I eye up the Apple Watch.

I’m not up for a fanboi flame war; Apple seems most committed to protecting my privacy and if Fairphone could make use of iOS I would swoon. One day maybe.

What I want to do is record my runs and listen to music, use maps if I get lost and improve my sleep hygiene. The Watch can do this things, and well. When I was at my fittest and sleeping most soundly, I didn’t have an Apple Watch though. To achieve the same things I had a ten pound Casio, my phone and a good sense of when to go to bed. Sure, not as granular a record, but with the spare money I could pay for petrol to go running somewhere much nicer than the local area.

The decision is made harder when I go to the Apple website or read feature reviews. There’s such a strong sense of how awesome it’d be to have everything on my wrist and available digitally. It’d be really nice. Tomorrow I’m going to go run in the Peak District, with a Casio, and myself of what the ‘instead’ is like.

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