Voting without the ballot paper.

In a modern capitalist democracy, I’d argue you vote regularly with your beliefs about money. How you choose to earn and how you choose to consume. The money you create, through work, spending or by giving attention, greases gears unequally.

If you choose to work for a multi-national professional services company and overlook its criminal shortcomings, you’ve voted a certain way. Working for tax-evading tech behemoths that aggressively undermine privacy and political policy is the same. I feel compelled to single out SkyBet, based near me in the UK. Through an enviable work environment and reward structure, they’re able to recruit folks who individually wouldn’t encourage harmful addictions to do just that.

Yes, people need work and a salary, but a choice is often available and so a vote is cast.

When you’re shopping, you’re almost directly giving money to a certain type of enterprise – the impact of is determined by its leadership. Your interest and theirs may appear to align, but they might not be the same in anything other than the short term. If convenient delivery at the lowest price is a shared aim, is the political lobbying and dismantling of regulation that can follow understood as part of the bargain?

Yes, we want cheap, good and fast, but let’s be clear how we’re voting across much broader dimensions.

Some folks have fewer choices than others, so I attach no stigma or blame without knowing individual circumstances. I feel we should all look in the mirror and consider honestly if the choices we’re making are how we’d vote at the ballot box.

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