They’re just thoughts.

I gave a showcase this afternoon that didn’t go as well as I hoped; certainly I didn’t get the pleased reaction that I hoped for. A lot of work had gone into the product, but not into preparing for the showcase – and this became clear. When things wrapped up I felt unappreciated and my level of engagement sank, while beforehand I’d been progressing quickly and what was communicated as needing to be done, is work I’d been excited about doing.

There could be improvement in how feedback is given, for sure. How feedback is received can also be improved and that’s within my sphere of control.

Ultimately I wasn’t criticised, I wasn’t responsible for the scope of the work that had been done, nor for the lead time on this showcase. My next tasks are those I’ve been looking forward to anyway. While a pat on the back is welcome, I don’t have to indulge negative thoughts when I don’t get that. Those thoughts shape my feelings, which can impact my next actions. It’s worth remembering the influence I have on my thoughts and actions, and thereby how I might feel.

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