Painting a picture.

Some have that gift, to be able to paint a picture with words alone. Some sounds, often a piece of music, can effortlessly transport us to an entirely different place. That words can convey meaning is obvious, but not as easy as I once naively thought. The power to move someone, to build a connection between complete strangers, between worlds, between the past and the present, between cultures; it’s incredible.

I listened to a TED talk today by Monica Lewinksy. A powerful reminder of the impact of the words and ideals society chooses to share. I shed a sad tear as I watched and yet I am risen by her choice, to paint a picture and encourage connections and compassion.

Right now I’m listening to one of the Enigma Variations composed by Edward Elgar. It’s almost singularly evocative and has solemn, perhaps uncomfortable, connotations for many. For me, it takes me immediately to a most glorious mountain ridge. Listening to Nimrod with its crescendo building in my ears, I crested Ullock Pike as the sun bathed Derwent Water in an early morning glow.

How lucky we are, that this magic of connection is available to us; that others have painted pictures for us to be transported into.

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