Doing little things.

My motivation is much improved since starting this blog. There’s probably a causation vs correlation discussion to be had, but I feel there’s at least one solid conclusion.

There’s a lot to be said for doing little things, consistently. For building better habits and creating effective routines.

If your brain can be persuaded of the value of getting up and going, it’ll naturally find it easier to get up and go. If you can look back and see results for your effort (a tidy home, 53 blog posts, an enervated office space, whatever), it’s that much easier to put in the effort on another task.

I’ve battled depression and for some months suffered pneumonia at the same time. Doing anything at all was really, fantastically hard, so I appreciate that ‘do some things’ is easy advice to give, but might be tough to follow. So do little things. Start as small as is manageable, but keep track of having done it.

When you look back then, you can see how what you’ve managed to get done – and aim to build momentum.

The generator doesn’t have energy – it creates energy!

Brendon Burchard

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