Funny. It might ambush you.

Dumbledore said something or other about keeping things light and while it’s not always as easy as flicking a switch, a good laugh can find you almost any time if you’re up for it. I was flicking around Google maps this afternoon and clicked on Drax power station as it looked pretty cool on the satellite view. Of course, there are mixed views on whether … Continue reading Funny. It might ambush you.

Little things make great memories

The thing about the items we treasure, I think, is that it shows the true value of them. Price isn’t so important when we reflect on how we feel about something – the memories bound up in even the smallest trinket can give it enormous meaning and worth. A pebble from a beach walk with a loved one might be priceless in their absence. Worth … Continue reading Little things make great memories

Fitness update.

I’m still not what I would consider, for myself, fit. I am eating more healthy and engaged in more healthy practices, though. I’ve no hesitation in giving myself a pat on the back for that. Today I was expecting to run a half-marathon, but with recent events and upcoming travel commitments I didn’t feel compelled to take part. I haven’t trained appropriately, despite initial enthusiasm. … Continue reading Fitness update.

On short-term inaction. Again.

Today is a powerful reminder of how your short-term actions impact your long-term direction. Dad died yesterday, peacefully, following a long struggle with diabetes, liver disease and a weakened heart. He was 68. My Dad’s first heart attack was when he was 49. One of his favourite phrases when I was younger was ‘forewarned is forearmed’; I feel frustration and disappointment that he took no … Continue reading On short-term inaction. Again.