Simple? Yep. But easy?

I know I want to exercise more. No-one is stopping me and nothing physically prevents me. So it’s simple; I can just do more exercise. Just doing more exercise doesn’t feel easy!

Better than Before‘ by Gretchen Rubin is my next read. It’s a book about habits and, so the cover tells me, a ‘force for real change’. I’ll read it, which is simple, then implement what I learn… ah-ha; not so easy!

At the start of the book is ‘The Habits Manifesto’, which I’m going to highlight a few items from:

  • Make it easy to do right and hard to do wrong.
  • We manage what we monitor.
  • Once we’re ready to begin, begin now.

Something that’s helped improve my habits already, that’s proven both simple and easy to do, is give myself a score each day for how I did on various things. What I score and how much score those different things attract is still changing. It always will, because my goals won’t stay the same. It addresses those three highlights, albeit the first not quite directly. I just got started using a spreadsheet; I quickly see I’m doing on what I’ve identified as important; the scores nudge me to choose right over wrong.

Slowly but surely I’m cultivating my environment, for success.

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