New word. New phrase. New understanding.


An individual’s belief in their innate ability to achieve their goals.

Locus of Control.

An individual’s belief in the degree of influence they have on the outcome of events in their lives.

The word and phrase are linked, but not the same. I’ve been questioning my self-efficacy when I think actually the crux of my motivation problem is that my locus is external. Which is to say that I feel external events influence my life more strongly than my own actions. No matter my individual effort and capability, external events will prevent me reaching my goals. In some cases this is true. In others, it’s untrue that no amount of focus or effort will enable success.

This deeper understanding of why I’ve had motivation issues enables greater commitment to my goals – with newfound recognition that having come to accept an external locus of control I’m personally responsible for giving up the levers of control.

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