Kindness as a direction of travel.

I read an article that I’m pleased to share below, asking if small acts of kindness add up. I firmly believe they do and this excerpt makes the point well:

If, for example, I’m friendly to the bus driver he’s more likely to be considerate to the next customer who’s more likely then to go home and have a positive conversation with their partner.

Do small acts of kindness add up?

This is the ripple effect at work.

Individual acts can’t solve all our problems, but they can encourage a much broader course than their individual nature suggests. I’m in.

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Not long after writing this post, I was pleased to read how ‘Small Acts Matter‘ on Bernadette Jiwa’s blog. I like to imagine the ‘dishevelled man’ had a better crack at whatever he did next; kindness ripples – not always, but often enough.

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