Address the inevitable.

Especially if it is pleasant in the short term but makes the long term even more difficult to address.

This doesn’t mean you have absolutely have to do a thing you’re dreading – you could change course. You don’t have to attempt something you’re not currently capable of – you might have to build up to it.

This chimes with the two reasons Andy Groves gives for not getting a job done – lack of either motivation or capability.

Capability can be increased in lots of different ways. Motivation, too, but there are limits.

If you’re on a path and lacking motivation and feeling like you just don’t want to do something, maybe there’s nothing wrong with your motivation; maybe you really just don’t want to do it, you’ve just got the wrong goal or are on the wrong path…

‘Just Get On With It!’ – Ali Campbell

There’s I thing I need to do that I can’t just pleasantly ignore. I’ve been trying to adjust my thinking and find a perspective that helps, without success. I’m on the wrong path – I need to tread a different path to reach my goal.

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