Slow progress beats no progress

And a slow start doesn’t mean your pace will stay the same.

Inspired by reading about another blogger’s first half-marathon, while I’ve been standing still instead of training for my own ‘race’ on the 28th of July, I actually went for a run this morning. The first in very nearly a month.

I’d intended to go yesterday, but there was almost biblical rain and I was tired and blah, blah blah, excuses. After reading Louis’ blog last night my brain immediately said I should double the distance I’d planned and really go at it. This set off some alarm bells – the harder I made it in my mind, the less likely I’d be to actually get it done.

Waking up this morning I got ready, but couldn’t find my watch – that I hadn’t actually planned on using anyway. Then I realised my headphones were still rubbish for running and I’d like a new set. My trainers are probably about ten years old and uncomfy. And so on. If I were facing an unpleasant run that really tested my capability, I don’t think I’d have gone. Given the alarm bells I’d had though, I’d decided to do only 5k and at whatever pace felt nice and easy.

Knowing I could gently make some progress rather than push myself real hard allowed me to start. By accommodating the spirit, the flesh was made willing. I just gotta keep rolling at it, and I’ll be running ultras again when the time is right.

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