Sometimes I learn, and well!

Today I nailed some coding. Admittedly not terribly hard coding, but I’m delighted with how I embraced the process of learning.

Working with a former colleague (now my boss), many moons ago in a different company, I lost confidence under pressure and infamously spat out ‘this is not the time’ through gritted teeth.  Today, faced with similar difficulty and with my boss gently probing while at the same time offering me a way out, I neither gave up nor became stressed.

Ultimately, I moved from a low-grade solution to a much higher one and in doing so expanded my bosses’ understanding having first steadfastly developed my own.  

To be clear, I didn’t doing anything remarkable in coding terms – I’m just delighted to have applied myself and worked through a challenge without rancour, impatience, or frustration.  I’ve learned a lot about learning.

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