Is it too easy to agree?

A friend of mine, whose writing I admire, wrote of the difficulty of being idle. This depends on what one calls idle, of course – and I’m not thinking of uni-cycling, like he was.

I enjoy reading a few daily blogs, watching TED talks, doing what you could call ‘developmental’ stuff. Or at least, absorbing rather than doing. In previous roles I’ve been captive to my frustrations that the respective companies haven’t done this or that in line with what I’ve learned, while not actually sticking with the hard work of creating change. It feels, as I’m reflecting constructively, that my knowledge of how things should be has been misused as an excuse to disengage when that’s not how things are.

By my own thinking, I’m rarely idle – except when asleep. I don’t watch television so I’m rarely sat in ‘brain-out’ mode. I don’t sit around doing nothing; if I’m sat around at all I tend to find useful articles to absorb or be planning something. It doesn’t feel like idleness because I’m studying productivity and generating plans, but it is really.

It’s easy to agree with material one merely absorbs; I need to make active use of the learning I enjoy, instead of using it justify walking away from challenges.

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