Transaction or relationship?

Not that they’re mutually exclusive, but there really is a difference.

I popped into a coffee shop a little while ago and their card machine was down, which I didn’t learn until after they’d started brewing and the (delicious) flapjack was placed in front of me. I offered to go get cash and instead I was offered some trust. Some days later I dropped by again and paid up what I owed – enjoying a brief chat with my gracious host. We have a relationship now, beyond the cake and cuppa transaction I went in for.

Another coffee house across town is a favourite haunt for me – if you get their almond croissant you’re in for a treat. Lots of transactions later though, I still don’t have a relationship with the place. I get what exactly I go there for and I’m always satisfied, but I’ve never had anything more than a transaction.

The quality of both is everything I’m looking for, but only one of them really makes me feel warm inside. We should aspire to excellence in what we do, being sure to build relationships wherever we can.

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