A commitment to better health!

Not that much older than I am now, my father had his third minor heart attack. Today, he isn’t enjoying life in the way that he could; beset by health issues including type II diabetes and fatty liver disease. I have a genetic predisposition towards some of the same conditions – yikes! Since I’m engaging with longer term thinking, I’m conscious that I’m not doing all I could to mitigate the risk. Indeed, I’m not doing that much at all!

First and foremost, I can eat more healthily. I can also exercise more. Improving my physical fitness and health is a straight-forward step.

Second, and less obvious, is that I can improve my mental health and reduce stress. This requires a multi-faceted approach – engaging in more meaningful work, eliminating debt, having a contingency fund, being more emotionally resilient.

I’m publishing this and thereby creating a commitment to improve and also come back to this page, every 3 months, with an update!

I’ll give the first update at the end of July…

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