iFocus – by donning my glasses

A couple of weeks ago, I picked my new glasses. My first prescription eye-wear and actually they correct only a small weakness at reading distance. Since I work on a computer and read a lot though, these are making a big difference to me already.

The unexpected difference?

They provide two kinds of focus. Sure, I can read more clearly. They also, to my surprise, very much help me to get focused on a task. On some research, or some writing. Donning the glasses is a signal that I’m about to get something done. I’m committing to spending time on a specific task and if I pair this up with conscious selection of what task I want to do, my brain is in the right mode from the get-go.

Signalling to myself that I’m now in the important business of ‘doing something’ is a help. Of course, one has to go beyond signalling – but it does get the brain ready.

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