Convenience and connection

This might sound odd, but I find convenience increasingly at odds with our collective well-being. Taking the interaction out of things hasn’t helped society nearly as much as it can be said to have help individuals. There are many cases where convenience is of value at both levels, of course. We’ve improved accessibility and delivery of services to those in need. Ready access to information … Continue reading Convenience and connection

Moral licensing

It’s a notion that explains a lot of self-sabotage. In essence, doing good (or even feeling you will be good or might have been good) subconsciously gives us latitude to make less good choices without even noticing. On a large scale, perhaps this is why people are rightly upset about job security while using Uber to get around with nary a thought. There are lots … Continue reading Moral licensing

Money talks

By which we generally mean that a lot of wealth creates a lot of influence. This is true in aggregate as well. Lots of individuals create influence using even small amounts of discretionary spending power, when those small amounts go into one pot. When we concentrate wealth in certain brands, we empower that brand to pursue its own agenda. That agenda might look like concern … Continue reading Money talks

What are the rules

The game you’re playing – the all encompassing one that is life – has rules. Or at least where you’re choosing to play does. Different arenas and different leagues each have variations, and in come cases a completely different set of rules. You can’t approach a banking career with the same mindset you would run a homeless charity. Retirement presents different boundaries to someone just … Continue reading What are the rules