Happy, enough

In my thirties I came to recognise that contentment was more important than chasing happiness. In my forties I’m slowly, I’d say reluctantly, learning that feeling sufficient is more important than striving. That’s not to become a miser or forsake ambition – it’s being grateful for what we have and to recognise when enough is enough. When we’re always aiming for just ‘more’, it’s easy … Continue reading Happy, enough

Marshmallows and trust

There’s a famous Stanford marshmallow experiment, that links delayed gratification with better life outcomes. I read about it years ago and have worked at improving my ability to delay gratification, with mixed success. Very recently I read about follow-up studies on the experiment, that suggest it’s not really self-control at the heart delaying gratification. It’s trust. Trust that what you give up leads to what … Continue reading Marshmallows and trust

The Beetles

One of the most pleasing bits of my day today, was spending about five minutes fully absorbed in watching a beetle navigate a grassy field. It had a lovely furry tummy and its neck showed articulation that surprised me. We see static pictures of beetles far more than we see them moving about, so watching the delicate beauty of its bend and flex was captivating. … Continue reading The Beetles

Function of time spent

Succinctly written, practice. But, I often use the phrase “it’s a function of time spent”. Especially if I’m feeling a little inadequate compared to another. When I think it’s just about practice, I can feel I’m falling a little short for not having got enough practice in. When I recognise it’s about time spent (the same thing perhaps, in different words) then it’s easier for … Continue reading Function of time spent

Must’ve been clever, must’ve worked hard

I was recently in a gorgeous Elizabethan house and overhead a few couples exclaiming just how clever the owner must have been to accumulate such wealth. Not to take away from shrewd business decision making, but we might all be better off by recognising the value of expert help. Of teams of experts. And luck. Stunning estates and great organisations aren’t the work of one … Continue reading Must’ve been clever, must’ve worked hard