Episode Four

Hope is the worst thing of all to lose. Without it, every moment, every step can feel like the most dreadful road to nowhere. With it, even the most frail can become indomitable. Right now everyone faces a battle of some kind and a great many face invisible battles within their own mind, even as their home is healthy, safe and sufficiently stocked. Beyond any … Continue reading Episode Four

It’s transitory

I’m coming off one anti-depressant and moving on to another at the moment. This is having a number of adverse effects that should pass and then, hopefully, I’ll have an improved overall mood and suffer fewer side-effects than before. Change was needed, thought about, and the new regime is welcome. In the software industry one of the roles I’ve most enjoyed is Service Transition Manager. … Continue reading It’s transitory

Winners and losers

Because I rent, I’m not eligible for a three month break in paying my largest single expenditure, which home owners can take under the UK government’s mortgage holiday plans. I’m a loser, home owners are winners. My day job was already done remotely and usually from home, so compared to millions of folks in the economy I’m facing very little disruption. I win, a lot … Continue reading Winners and losers

Tomato timers

I don’t recall ever having one, but for a while it was popular to use a mechanical kitchen timer that looked like a pomodoro – the Italian word for tomato. From there, the Pomodoro Technique was born as a way of getting things done. A couple of good friends have seemed a little stuck recently; struggling to focus amid the turmoil that’s going on around … Continue reading Tomato timers

Digital resignation

In reading an old-ish article about Instagram making shopping easier, I learned a new term – digital resignation. Rather than poorly summarise the article, I’ll quote the last two paragraphs here: [Digital] resignation can “discourage the larger or collective types of action that might actually have substantial consequences.” That’s exactly the problem: Instagram might be willing to hand me the keys to cultural approval, but … Continue reading Digital resignation