It’s all out there

After nearly 20 years of working in software development, I want to work with people far more than technology. What I really want to do is switch to coaching. Quite how to make the breakthrough isn’t clear, especially when there are financial hurdles and the economy isn’t throwing life-changing jobs around right now. So I look around the web (thanks, technology – I do still … Continue reading It’s all out there

It’s the economics, stupid

Never mind the summer economic plan from the Chancellor, this is a good time to challenge the Neo-liberal consensus. The institutions we’ve been to shown to need most are, by design, communal and inclusive. They’re not perfect, but at their most effective, those institutions aren’t generating profit, they’re weaving the fabric of society. As we look to the future, let’s put our money into those … Continue reading It’s the economics, stupid

Look carefully

I’ve hugely enjoyed reading ‘The War of Art’ by Steven Pressfield. He talks about Resistance (yep, with a capital ‘R’) and how it impacts what we contribute. His book is pretty pared down to begin with and while he offers different perspectives on almost the same thing across the pages, it’s that rounded view that builds to such a powerful and, for me, revelatory message. … Continue reading Look carefully

It may, it will, get better

This will pass, things will get better. It’s a common reassurance given to people experiencing hardship. It’s well intended, but to me it feels a little hollow. There’s no guarantee and so we cannot merely hold on and hope, confident that better will arrive soon enough. But, things definitely CAN get better. Hope is a key part of that happening. Optimism isn’t a failure to … Continue reading It may, it will, get better