Talent and winning.

A recently read quote from Rafael Nadel speaks to his single-minded pursuit of winning. I don’t disagree with the sentiment I believe he’s expressing, which is that what’s widely perceived of as talent must be put to good use to achieve results. He’s quoted as saying: So, in summary, the person who wins the most is the one with the most talent. In principle this … Continue reading Talent and winning.

Look again.

Even on the same days that I was writing about perspective and the things I have to be grateful for, I was battling frustration and despondency that very nearly won out. If you’d seen me just over a week ago, you’d have seen someone looking caged, weary and vacant. Today there is a more generous spirit on show and a sense of ‘can-do’ again. An … Continue reading Look again.

Three things to be grateful for today.

On difficult days especially, it’s good to fall back on simple gratitude practice. I comforted someone in need After wrestling with anger for some time, I saw another perspective My family welcomed me home and I felt my troubles soothed by laughter Before meditating with Headspace this morning, Andy Puddicombe mentioned that the surest path to happiness is to focus on other people’s happiness. There’s … Continue reading Three things to be grateful for today.